Save Energy & Increase Capacity

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As experts in plate heat exchanger manufacturing and maintenance, WCR is here to help improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption by increasing the heat recovery and capacity of plate heat exchangers for the HVAC industry. Here’s how:

Save Energy with Additional Heat Exchanger Plates

Because plate heat exchangers transfer large and valuable energy quantities, installing additional plates in your existing frame may increase heat recovery within the system and result in significant energy savings potential.

Installing plate heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers

One of the biggest advantages of plate heat exchangers is that they’re designed to be modular, enabling extra plates to be installed without the need to change any piping or foundation work. If your current HVAC heat exchanger frame installation has the capacity for additional plates, WCR makes the installation quick and easy so you can keep business flowing smoothly. Our heat exchanger experts will work with you to find a custom solution and strategically expand your plate heat exchanger configuration so you can realize a return on your investment in a short period of time.

Get in touch with us today to hear about your options for installing additional plates in your HVAC plate heat exchangers to improve heat recovery and enhance your energy savings.

Improve Efficiency with Well-Maintained Plate Heat Exchangers

Operating with clean heat exchanger plates is another smart way to ensure the maximum thermal and cost efficiency of your installed HVAC heat exchanger units. Scheduling regular cleaning for your plate heat exchangers will help to increase efficiency and can also reduce energy costs for installed pumps.

Before and after heat exchanger cleaning
Before and after heat exchanger cleaning

WCR services over a half-million heat exchanger plates every year, utilizing our signature plate heat exchanger cleaning process. First, our cleaning services include high-pressure water pre-cleaning and brushed hand scrubbing (if necessary) to remove loose scaling and fouling, followed by power blasting and high-pressure steam cleaning if rigid scaling needs to be removed. Most of the heat exchanger plates we service also need to be bathed in a proprietary series of chemicals depending on the heat exchanger application. We carefully select the chemicals, temperatures, and agitation required to ensure the most effective cleansing process, returning your heat exchanger plates back to nameplate performance. 

Heat exchanger services
Heat exchanger services

In addition to our HVAC heat exchanger cleaning services, WCR offers full-service regasketing for plate heat exchangers specialized to each model, gasket type, and bonding agent. We also use a proprietary red dye-penetrant to test every single plate that comes in for service, allowing us to identify signs of cracks, pinholes, or imperfections which could lead to leaks, cross-contamination concerns, and costly downtime. Our commitment to 100% dye-testing provides the ultimate peace of mind for our HVAC partners, ensuring any defects with their heat exchanger plates are detected early before they can become expensive problems.

Contact us to learn about our HVAC heat exchanger plate cleaning and full-service maintenance with crack inspection and gasket renewal.  

10 Steps to Heat Exchanger Renewal
10 Steps to Renewal

WCR is Your Trusted Heat Exchanger Partner for the HVAC Industry

At WCR, we’re proud to help our partners in the HVAC industry deliver the right balance of reliability, comfort, and energy efficiency with our expert heat exchanger plate sales and part installation, service, and support.

If you’re ready to save energy, increase capacity, and improve your bottom line, let WCR help you optimize your current HVAC heat exchanger set-up with new plate installation and preventative maintenance services. Get started today! Request a quote online or call us anytime at 1-800-421-4927.