Business Principles and Values


Optimizing the use of natural resources is our business

WCR Incorporated makes a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Green processes: WCR Incorporated’s core competences of fluid handling, separation technology and heat transfer are at the heart of many industrial and environmental protection processes.

Our products and expertise contribute to the efficient utilization of energy, cleaning of water and fluids, efficient production of food and pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to continuously improving our products and services to provide our customers with an opportunity to reduce their operational costs while improving environmental performance.

Green Operations: WCR endeavors to perform its own operations as cleanly and efficiently as possible, and to take environmental aspects into consideration when developing, designing, manufacturing, servicing and marketing its products.



Our commitment to open dialogue builds trust

WCR believes in open communication but is careful not to reveal commercially valuable information.

Accounting: WCR accounting records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions. No undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained.

Verification: WCR’s reporting and, internal monitoring systems should be suitable for external and independent verification.

Communication: WCR will engage in open dialogue with all interested parties. However, WCR will not inappropriately divulge information that is commercially valuable. Also, any information that could have an impact on the share value of WCR will be released in strict compliance with the regulations governing such information.


Our Business Principles have a different emphasis for different people:


Providing competitive and sustainable solutions

WCR’s mission is to help our customers to optimize the performance of their processes. Time and time again.

Our commitment to offer products and services which consistently offer value for money in terms of price and quality.

Vigorous but fair competition. Companies and employees should never engage in any anti-competition activity such as illegal fixing of prices, sharing of markets.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications. Within the sphere of our influence and where we observe the use of our products for illegal purposes we will act in line with our business principles.



Investment of Choice

WCR Holdings has been a respected investment for over 30 years, and is determined to be considered an attractive asset and investment choice, delivering long term shareholder value. As a multi-brand company, WCR Incorporated agrees to provide our Parent accurate information to enable them to inform their investors of the financial situation and thereby have a basis for an accurate evaluation of the share.



Respect for human rights is fundamental

WCR respects the human rights of our employees and the communities in which we live and supply.

Human Rights: WCR supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within our sphere of influence.

Complicity: WCR should make sure it is not complicit in human rights abuses in its course of operations.

Freedom of Association: WCR should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

Forced Labor: WCR will not use any form of forced or compulsory labor.

Child Labor: WCR works towards the effective abolition of child labor in the community.

Discrimination: WCR works to eliminate direct and indirect discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.


Business Integrity

High ethical standards guide our conduct

WCR conducts its business with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.

WCR should be compliant not only with the laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate but be aware of the continuous development of International Regulations, social standards and voluntary initiatives and adopt those that are relevant to our business.

Conflict of Interest: WCR employees must not enter into any situation in which their personal or financial interests may conflict with those of WCR Inc.

Political Contributions: Contributions to political parties or committees, or to individual politicians should not be given.

Bribery and Corruption: WCR and its employees should not, offer, promise, give, accept or demand a bribe or other undue advantage to obtain or retain business. Nor should suppliers and other business partners be solicited or expected to render a bribe or other undue advantage.



Developing our employees is the base for future business success

A culturally diverse, flexible, motivated and competent workforce is essential for WCR’s success.

We continually develop employees’ competence and flexibility.  There shall be no direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.  We provide safe and healthy working condition.  We recognize the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.



Trusted business partners

WCR can only deliver quality products and services by working closely with suppliers.

We expect suppliers to make realistic efforts to implement our business principles.


Application and Compliance

Where WCR companies participate in joint ventures and business partnerships, the application of these principles will be actively promoted. An independent internal audit function supports the monitoring compliance with the business principles.

It is the responsibility of WCR Management to ensure that the Business Principles are communicated to, understood, and observed by all employees.  The managing director of each WCR Company is responsible for implementing these principles through appropriate rules and policies in addition to those necessary for compliance with local legislation.

No manager or employee will be criticized for any loss of business resulting from adherence to these principles.  Equally, WCR Management undertakes that no employee will suffer as a consequence of bringing to their attention or that of senior management, a breach or suspected breach of these principles.