Frame Handling


Frame Handling is part of WCR’s full heat exchanger service package. Our highly-trained professionals will either retrieve the unit from your facility, or it can shipped directly to one of our 8 service locations throughout the United States.

Two men serving a WCR heat exchanger

The tie bars are inspected for any damage prior to loosening the bolts. The follower or liners are checked for cracks and distortion as decompression can be dangerous if the unit is unstable. After initial inspection, the frame is disassembled and the plates are removed from the unit. Lack of routine maintenance could require the frame to be re-conditioned, this is determined by the on-site WCR Technician. Prior to any work being completed, WCR will send a disposition report for failed frame components or plates to the customer, allowing for transparency thoughtout the entire process.

Frame reconditioning begins with sand blasting the old paint from the outer shell, revealing the core metal surface.  WCR repairs any exterior imperfections, followed by a new coat of WCR blue paint (or choice of color).  Zinc protective coating is applied to all tie bars, they are replaced only if necessary.  Liners will also be replaced as required. Sanitary (solid stainless steel) frames rarely need refurbishment, however, sanitary frames may need rebuilt, which we accomodate in the frame handing process.

After plates have gone through our cleansing and dye-testing processes, they are ready for re-installation. The plate pack is compressed within the frame using OEM closing dimensions. After a final inspection, the entire unit is ready for Hydro-Testing.


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