Keep Business Flowing Smoothly with Heat Exchanger Service and Support 

Unplanned downtime is a top concern for businesses of all sizes, impacting both productivity and profitability. When critical and expensive pieces of equipment such as heat exchangers are malfunctioning or out of service, it can severely limit day-to-day operations and even shut them down entirely.  

If your business relies on heat exchangers, having access to dependable and affordable service and support is priceless — and that’s exactly what you get when partnering with WCR for all your heat exchanger service and support needs. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing WCR as your trusted service provider:

Rapid response time 

When your heat exchanger is down, your business is down. That’s why WCR offers a massive service network with support crews are available at a moment’s notice to provide the ultimate peace of mind. 

Over the years, we’ve focused on continuously expanding our network of service centers to meet our customers’ needs across the United States. Today, we have 21 on-site service crews strategically located in eight service centers ready to reach any destination within eight hours. 

In addition to our vast field service network, we offer highly skilled repair and maintenance services in-house at our world-class manufacturing and production facilities. All the resources and materials are within our shop, so you can expect a quick and stress-free repair. Plus, all labor and parts are warrantied for one year, guaranteed to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Support for all makes and models

While some service providers are only able to maintain or repair a single type of plate heat exchanger, WCR supports all major brand names. Our maintenance and repair capabilities include two-stage chemical heat exchanger cleaning, full-service regasketing to OEM specifications, and 100% dye penetrant testing. We also offer frame handling as part of WCR’s full heat exchanger service package. 

WCR operates around a 10-step reconditioning process, which is available for all makes and models of plate heat exchangers. Using specialized tools, knowledge, and expertise, our trained technicians provide the most economical solutions to get heat exchanger equipment back up and running, helping our customers reduce downtime and protect their investment. 

40+ years of service and safety excellence

Since 1980, WCR has been providing superior service and support for all major brands of heat exchangers. We’ve assembled teams of trained professionals with cross-brand knowledge and experience handling all models of plate heat exchangers. With over 500,000 plates serviced annually, our heat exchanger experts have the know-how to tackle any problem. 

At WCR, safety is a priority in every aspect of our business. We offer a standard 10-hour OSHA training to all service center staff, with 30-hour OSHA advanced training for all field service technicians and localized training as required at individual sites. We’re also proud to be registered with leading safety organizations such as ISnet, Avetta, and First Verify with an A+ Rating, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to health and safety. 

Put the Heat Exchanger Experts on your Side

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to keep your business flowing smoothly and ensure your equipment is performing its best. Trust the experts at WCR to provide the professional heat exchanger maintenance and repair services you need, when and where you need them. 

Looking for expert heat exchanger maintenance or repair services and support? Call us today at 1-800-421-4927 or complete our online contact form. Our skilled technicians are standing by to help you!