Quality You Can Count On: WCR’s Replacement Heat Exchanger Gaskets

WCR is known for leading the industry by providing reliable heat exchanger replacement parts, convenient service and manufacturing expertise. In addition to replacement heat exchanger plates, we also produce high-quality replacement heat exchanger gaskets for a vast array of industries.

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High-Quality Replacement Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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Depending on the application, a plate heat exchanger gasket must endure extreme temperatures, corrosive materials and chemicals, and other pressures over time. If a heat exchanger gasket doesn’t fit properly with the plate heat exchanger, it can result in unwanted stress on the gasket and even mechanical damage to the heat exchanger, limiting its useful life.

600,000+ gaskets in stock

This is why WCR’s replacement heat exchanger gaskets are firm, flexible and fabricated with options to suit any major name brand heat exchanger. In fact, we can accommodate any gasket model/material combination, with over 600,000 replacement gaskets always in stock and ready to order. 

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At WCR, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, working closely with the world’s leading suppliers of raw rubber materials to provide our customers the best in performance and reliability. Each of our replacement gaskets is subject to meticulous quality control, ensuring that every part is durable, dependable and built to last.

To give you an idea of WCR’s range of heat exchanger gasket materials and applications, here’s an overview of some of our most popular replacement gasket options for heat exchangers:

FDA-NBR Heat Exchanger Gaskets

WCR offers a variety of heat exchanger gaskets that are FDA-approved for food-safe applications, including the FDA-NBR heat exchanger gasket. This model is manufactured using peroxide cured nitrile polymer (NBR) materials, and is suitable for the following typical applications:

  • Water applications
  • Milk, cream, and other fatty food applications
  • Industrial oil applications
  • Edible oil applications

Rated for a maximum continuous temperature of 140°C (284°F), WCR’s FDA-NBR heat exchanger gasket is versatile for a wide range of applications.

Find out more about the FDA-NBR replacement heat exchanger gasket here.

HT-FDA-HNBR Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Made from peroxide-cured Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber, WCR’s FDA-HNBR replacement heat exchanger gasket was specially developed for crude oil PHE applications, which have the highest demands for resistance toward the combination of oil, sulfides and amines.

With a maximum continuous temperature rating of 165°C (329°F), the FDA-HNBR fills the temperature gap between Nitrile rubber (NBR) and Viton™ (FKM), and is often used for water, oil and steam applications; mining; high-temperature oil; and high-temperature “fatty” food applications.

Learn more about the FDA-HNBR replacement heat exchanger gasket.

HT FDA-EPDM Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Manufactured using high-quality peroxide cured ethylene-Propylene polymer (EPDM) materials, WCR’s HT FDA-EPDM replacement heat exchanger gasket provides good resistance to steam and is utilized across many different industry applications, including:

  • Water and steam applications
  • Food (FDA) applications in accordance with CFR 177.2600
  • Beer wort and corn mash
  • Alkaline applications

With a maximum continuous temperature rating of 165°C (329°F), the HT FDA-EPDM replacement heat exchanger gasket also offers excellent performance in severe district heating applications for residential and commercial spaces.

View more specifications about the HT FDA-EPDM heat exchanger gasket here.

VITON™ G Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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WCR’s Viton™ G heat exchanger gasket is a peroxide-cured Fluorocarbon Rubber (FKM) comprised of genuine Chemours Viton™ GF-S polymer material designed to retain its flexibility, shape and seal when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. The high-performance Vition™ G heat exchanger gasket offers outstanding resistance to heat and concentrated acids, surpassing the Viton™ B.

With a maximum continuous temperature rating of 200°C (392°F), the Viton™ G heat exchanger gasket is suitable for the following typical applications:

  • High-temperature oil applications
  • Concentrated inorganic acids (concentrated sulfuric acid up to 125° Celsius)
  • Steam up to 200°C with minor (short-term) excursions to 250°C.

View our complete spec sheet for more details about the Viton™ G heat exchanger gasket.

Trust the Experts in Heat Exchanger Replacement Gaskets

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WCR has nearly 30 years of gasket experience based in our Washington Court House, Ohio location, so we understand the industry standards for mission-critical heat exchanger applications. With our large inventory of heat exchanger replacement gaskets, we also have the ability to supply gaskets for highly specialized unit requirements. All our heat exchanger gaskets are built with integrity, designed to be durable, flexible and optimized for performance. We compound rubber materials for chemical resistance, and strictly follow all FDA guidelines to produce food-safe, FDA-approved versions of our reliable heat exchanger gaskets.

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When you need direct replacement heat exchanger gaskets, WCR has you covered with quality spare parts, exceptional customer service and dependable product support. Our easy-to-use Part-Finder tool makes it simple to find the OEM-quality replacement heat exchanger gaskets you’re looking for. Simply select your heat exchanger model from our list of leading brands to see the options and contact us to order or ask any questions.