Replace with Confidence: Finding the Best Replacement Heat Exchanger Plates

Today’s heat exchangers are designed to be more efficient and reliable than ever before. But just as with any piece of equipment, the internal components within heat exchangers are subject to stress and wear over time.

When your heat exchanger plates are overdue for replacement, it can lead to production delays and even complete shutdowns. It pays to plan ahead and partner with a quality heat exchanger spare parts manufacturer so you always have access to the parts you need!

When you need quality replacement heat exchanger plates, WCR is the spare parts provider you can depend on. Here’s what sets our replacement heat exchanger plates apart:

The Stability of Domestic Production

Amid ongoing transportation delays and increasing uncertainty surrounding the global nickel market, you can put trust in WCR’s domestic heat exchanger plate production capabilities. We have the material availability and production capacity to stock high volumes of heat exchanger plates made from 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, titanium, and other high nickel alloys.

WCR worker handling heat exchanger plate
Heat Exchanger Spare Plates

Wide Range of Heat Exchanger Plate Designs

Downtime can be costly, no matter the industry. You can’t afford to spend precious hours researching and tracking down the right replacement heat exchanger plate. That’s why WCR’s heat exchanger plates are custom designed to be direct drop-in replacements for all major OEM model plate heat exchangers, with equal or longer warranty periods compared to the original manufacturer.

WCR in-house tooling
WCR in-house tooling

Leveraging our in-house tooling design and development capabilities, WCR is able to offer over 200 replacement heat exchanger plate designs to suit a wide range of applications. Our dedicated engineers and fabricators reverse engineer each plate to exact specifications to maintain nameplate performance for the top plate heat exchanger brands, including Kelvion, SPX, Tranter, Alfa Laval, Sigma/Schmidt/API, and many others. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your replacement heat exchanger plates were manufactured with the utmost attention to quality, accuracy, and reliability.

WCR Inventory

Largest Heat Exchanger Spare Parts Inventory in North America

By keeping over 200,000 replacement heat exchanger plates in stock at all times, WCR can offer immediate shipment on most requests — often within a day or two! Our massive Ohio manufacturing facility is ideally situated to support our customers across the United States with fast turnaround times, delivery, and installation.

Find Your Replacement Heat Exchanger Plates Today!

WCR’s Part-Finder tool makes it quick and easy to find the replacement heat exchanger plates you need to keep your operations flowing smoothly. Simply select your heat exchanger model from our list of leading brands to see the options. To place an order or ask a question, contact us and we’ll be in touch right away!