Reliable Service & Support for Large-Scale Heat Exchangers

Large heat exchangers are vital for the industrial cooling processes used in applications ranging from power and HVAC providers to steel production and even high-performance data center cooling. That’s why WCR is committed to providing rapid and reliable heat exchanger service for the largest heat exchanger plates and models in the market.

Here’s what sets our large-scale heat exchanger services apart:

High-Quality Service on Large-Scale Projects

Not all heat exchanger maintenance providers specialize in large-scale heat exchangers, but WCR does. We have the experience and ability to service all major makes and models of heat exchangers, even heat exchangers that measure up to 16 feet.

Some of the large heat exchanger models we support include:

  • APV Zephyr/SR23
  • Kelvion NT500
  • Alfa Laval TS50/T50
  • Sondex S200/S201
  • Vicarb V170
Heat exchanger plate cleaning service from WCR
Heat exchanger plate cleaning service from WCR

No matter the size of your unit, WCR offers high-quality, comprehensive services to return your heat exchangers back to nameplate performance. We developed a proprietary heat exchanger cleaning process so effective that it’s been imitated by other heat exchanger companies, even OEMs. We also offer 100% dye penetrant testing to detect the tiniest of cracks, pinholes, or failures in large heat exchanger plates, mitigating cross-contamination concerns and saving costly downtime in the future.

WCR services for plate heat exchangers
WCR services for plate heat exchangers

Replacement Heat Exchanger Parts Shipped and Installed Quickly

If WCR’s service team finds that your large heat exchanger needs a replacement plate or gasket, we’re prepared to ship and install the part right away. Because our replacement heat exchanger parts are produced domestically, we’re able to stock the biggest selection of replacement heat exchanger plates and heat exchanger gaskets in the United States, ready to ship anytime.

Heat Exchanger Services on Your Schedule

With over 40 years of experience delivering professional heat exchanger maintenance and cleaning for the largest of heat exchangers, WCR knows what it takes to support today’s industry leaders with rapid and responsive service.

We’re proud to have 21 on-site service crews strategically set up in 8 locations located across the country. These service centers have close proximity to all major cities where large heat exchanger installation bases exist, allowing our experienced field service teams to be ready at a moment’s notice for both scheduled maintenance or an emergency response.

WCR field service teams for heat exchangers
WCR field service teams for heat exchangers

WCR: Your Reliable Partner in Large Heat Exchanger Maintenance

No matter the industry, when it comes to large heat exchangers, every moment of downtime matters. Whether you’re in need of scheduled heat exchanger maintenance or an emergency repair, you can trust that WCR will service your large-scale heat exchangers quickly and with the highest level of quality.

Let WCR be your partner in providing safe, smooth, and efficient heat exchanger service! Contact WCR’s heat exchanger maintenance experts and get started today.