Outage Season is Here: Turn to WCR for Fast Heat Exchanger Service

The fall outage season is upon us, a time when major industries schedule preventative maintenance services to keep essential equipment — including heat exchangers — in working order.

While these outages are typically forecasted and scheduled months in advance, the reality is that when outages actually begin, even the best-laid plans can have unexpected hiccups. Knowing you can turn to a heat exchanger partner for reliable replacement parts and service makes a world of difference!

At WCR, we’re ready to respond to any unknowns that arise during outages with our large domestic inventory of heat exchanger replacement spare parts and expedited service capabilities. Learn how we can help your facility react quickly and reduce extended heat exchanger downtime this outage season:

Expedited Heat Exchanger Service

At WCR, we understand that the service window for planned outages is getting smaller and smaller each year for many industries. That’s why we’re committed to providing fast turnaround on plate heat exchanger services so you can optimize outage downtime periods and get back to business with confidence.

Map of WCR locations

To ensure efficient, expedited service, WCR has strategically-located service centers across North America in close proximity to all major industries that rely on heat exchangers. We service over 500,000 heat exchanger plates annually, so you can count on us to provide quick heat exchanger service and stress-free repairs.

50,000 Plates Serviced at WCR
WCR Heat Exchanger Plate Services

Critical Spare Heat Exchanger Parts, When and Where You Need Them

While some of WCR’s customers need heat exchanger technicians on-site, others simply need spare heat exchanger parts as fast as possible. As the largest domestic manufacturer of replacement heat exchanger plates and gaskets, we have a massive inventory of critical spare parts — including spare heat exchanger plate packs — in stock and ready to ship anytime.

WCR Inventory
WCR’s Extensive Inventory

At this point in the outage season, you can’t afford to extend downtime while waiting for critical components to arrive due to delays and ongoing supply chain issues. Instead, turn to WCR for the domestically-produced heat exchanger replacement parts you need, when you need them.

Extensive Heat Exchanger Field Service Network

When it comes to plate heat exchanger service work, nothing is ever certain. Many times, issues developing within heat exchanger plates remain undetected until the entire unit is opened for preventative maintenance services. And, when your heat exchanger is unexpectedly down, your business is down too.

WCR's 21 Field Service Teams
A+ Service Ratings

If you’re dealing with an unforeseen heat exchanger service problem, WCR’s network of highly-skilled field service technicians is ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. With 21 on-site service crews across the United States, our responsive heat exchanger technicians can reach any destination in 8 hours or less. You can rest assured that our expert team has the cross-brand knowledge and experience to service all models of plate heat exchangers. We’ve seen it all, so we can handle it all.

Get Help Planning for Your Next Outage with WCR

Not only can WCR respond quickly to your current outage needs, we’re also here to help you plan effectively for the next one! Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you prepare for upcoming preventative maintenance outages with dependable service and rapidly-available critical spare heat exchanger parts.