Heat Exchanger Industry Spotlight: HVAC

From hospitals to universities, offices, residential complexes, massive data centers, and other industrial spaces, no building is complete without an HVAC system to regulate temperature and humidity. And, most HVAC systems rely on high-performance heat exchangers to deliver the right balance of energy efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

HVAC heat exchanger

At WCR, we proudly partner with providers across the HVAC industry to provide heat exchanger solutions for a wide range of applications, including free cooling, potable water heating, heat pump systems, cooling tower isolation, and more.

HVAC heat exchanger processes

Take a look at how we help our HVAC partners stay on top of temperature control:

Optimized HVAC Efficiency

Energy-efficient performance is the biggest goal for any HVAC installation, resulting in significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact. Achieving maximum HVAC energy efficiency — with approach temperatures as close as 1°F and pressure drops as low as 3 PSI — hinges on the best utilization of heat exchangers. But, if a heat exchanger isn’t clean, it’s not efficient. This is why it’s so important to schedule regular preventative maintenance intervals for HVAC heat exchanger equipment.

Because many HVAC systems use fresh air from external environments to regulate temperature and humidity, they also attract dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Over time, the growth of bacteria and microbes leads to biological and bacterial fouling, resulting in decreased heat exchanger efficiency and higher energy costs.

Heat exchanger plate cleaning
Heat exchanger plate cleaning

When it’s time to clean your HVAC heat exchangers, turn to WCR! We invented the heat exchanger cleaning process that’s been imitated by other heat exchanger companies, even OEMs. Our heat exchanger service professionals will select the right cleansing method for your specific heat exchanger model, safely removing fouling and scaling to return your equipment back to nameplate performance. With 24/7 availability, WCR’s service technicians will work within your schedule to ensure your planned heat exchanger maintenance takes place on time, every time.

In-Stock Replacement Heat Exchanger Parts

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At best, unplanned HVAC downtime can create an uncomfortable working environment that leads to lost productivity. At worst, an HVAC emergency can damage sensitive equipment (like servers), disrupt critical operations, and even cause serious health problems.

HVAC heat exchanger spare parts

At WCR, we understand that our HVAC customers don’t have the luxury of waiting for replacement heat exchanger parts to arrive, especially when an emergency arises. As the largest domestic producer of heat exchanger plates and gaskets, we have over 200,000 heat exchanger plates and over 600,000 gaskets in stock at all times and ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.

WCR manufactures and stocks OEM-quality specified replacement plates and gaskets for all makes and models of plate heat exchangers, including sanitary Duo Safety plates used for potable water heating applications in the HVAC industry.

Additionally, WCR has readily-available replacement parts for HVAC applications utilizing smaller heat exchangers. For example, with long lead times surrounding brazed plate heat exchanger technology, one alternative solution may be the WCR A102, if applicable to your operation. Use our part-finder tool and get in touch with our heat exchanger experts today to order heat exchanger parts for your specific HVAC application!

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Rapid Service and Support for HVAC Heat Exchangers

Whether the heat exchangers in your HVAC system require regular preventative maintenance, a last-minute replacement part, or an unexpected emergency repair, you can count on WCR’s expertly trained service technicians to get the job done right the first time. With 21 field service crews strategically located across the United States, we’re able to reach any destination within eight hours and provide the on-site assistance you need.

WCR also offers heat exchanger repair and maintenance services at our manufacturing and production facilities. Our in-house resources and materials allow us to provide a quick and stress-free repair so you can keep your HVAC systems running at optimal performance.

A Partner You Can Trust for All Your HVAC Heat Exchanger Needs

WCR is dedicated to helping our partners in the HVAC industry improve energy efficiency and reliability with high-performance heat exchanger spare parts and expert service and support. As the summer HVAC maintenance season heats up, you can count on WCR to assist you with all your heat exchanger needs. Contact us to learn more and get started today!