Heat Exchanger Industry Spotlight: Power Providers

The electric power sector plays an essential role in modern life, generating the energy needed to power our homes, schools, and businesses. Energy keeps us connected to technology, communication, transportation, and more. But, like so many other vital industries, the power industry as we know it wouldn’t be feasible without high-performing, dependable heat exchangers.

At WCR, we’re proud to partner with power producers of all types and sizes for all their heat exchanger needs. After decades of experience in the power and energy industry, we’ve gathered some key points for power providers to keep in mind:

Maintenance Matters

Biological fouling — the buildup of unwanted organisms such as bacteria and algae on the internal surfaces of a heat exchanger — is a top service concern when it comes to the critical closed cooling water and lube oil cooling systems used by the energy industry. Fouling of any type can hinder performance, shorten the working life of a heat exchanger, and even lead to catastrophic failure. To limit downtime and keep power heat exchangers — and other equipment — running as smoothly as possible, power providers typically schedule annual outages to complete their facility’s maintenance all at once.

Because energy usage tends to ramp up in the warmer months, many power providers strategically plan their annual shutdowns for the spring to prepare their systems for a long summer run. In an industry as competitive as energy, power providers must ensure all maintenance is completed within this limited service window. When you’re on such a tight schedule, you’ll want to find a reputable provider that offers comprehensive and expedited maintenance and repair services for power heat exchangers. Here’s where WCR comes in! 

WCR infographic service capabilities
WCR’s service coverage

Bring Heat Exchanger Maintenance To You

When WCR pioneered the heat exchange service industry over 40 years ago, we focused on establishing strategically located service centers with experienced field service teams who are ready at a moment’s notice. Today, we work with power providers of all sizes to help them swiftly and successfully execute planned outages for all their heat exchanger maintenance needs.

WCR’s field service teams have the experience and technical know-how to handle all models of heat exchangers for every application in the power and energy industry, including:

  • Auxiliary and cooling water
  • Closed cooling water
  • Lube oil cooling (STG/CTG)
  • Vacuum pump cooling

When your power facility needs on-site assistance, WCR’s field service team is just a phone call away. We have 21 on-site service crews across the United States, conveniently set up in eight locations to reach any destination within eight hours.

Optimize Downtime with Full-Service Reconditioning 

At WCR, we excel in collaborating with our customers in the power industry to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their planned downtime. When your power heat exchangers are due for periodic reconditioning services, WCR offers unmatched convenience and value.

Along with our field support services, we also provide rush heat exchanger reconditioning services on-site at our manufacturing and production facilities. Our complete turnkey package includes equipment removal, full reconditioning services, and re-installation. Because all the resources and materials are within our shop, we can provide quick and stress-free maintenance services to ensure your facility gets back online on time, every time.

WCR service capabilities for heat exchangers
WCR’s service capabilities
WCR inventory graphic: 200,000+ plates in stock, 600,000+gaskets in stock = the largest spare parts inventory in the midwest
WCR’s spare parts

We built our reputation by utilizing select cleansing methods for different applications, returning the heat exchanger specifications back to nameplate performance. With A+ ratings from Avetta, ISnet, Appruv, First Verify, and other leading safety organizations, WCR is approved to meet your safety standards. Nobody has a better health and safety record in our industry.

Keep Performance at its Peak

In addition to our extensive heat exchanger service capabilities, WCR carries a massive supply of American-made heat exchanger replacement parts to support your power facility’s ongoing needs and growth. In fact, we stock the largest spare parts inventory of heat exchanger plates and gaskets in North America, with over 200,000 heat exchanger plates and over 600,000 heat exchanger gaskets — always in stock and available to order. Because we manufacture all our heat exchanger plates and gaskets domestically, we have the ability to offer expedited production and immediate shipment on most requests. You can count on WCR to deliver the parts you need to keep your business moving forward!

WCR: Your Trusted Partner in Heat Exchanger Service & Support

Whether a power outage is planned or an emergency, we understand that every second your plant is down, your business is down. Trust WCR to keep your operation flowing smoothly with dependable heat exchanger service, support, replacement parts, and expertise.

For more information about WCR’s heat exchanger service and support capabilities in the power energy industry, download our free brochure.

Are you planning your power facility’s next scheduled maintenance outage? Let’s work together to optimize your shutdown strategy and promote the safety, reliability, and longevity of your heat exchanger equipment. Contact the heat exchanger experts at WCR to learn more and get started today.