No Time for Downtime: Protect Your Business with Emergency Service and Support for Heat Exchangers

If your business relies on heat exchangers, you know how stressful it is to discover a maintenance issue with your equipment — whether it’s visible signs of leakage, restriction of flow, or internal product contamination. Unplanned repairs mean unplanned downtime, leading to lost productivity, costly delays, and unhappy customers.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let unscheduled heat exchanger maintenance and repairs hold your business back. Regardless of the industry you’re in, WCR has you covered with superior service and support for all your heat exchanger needs.

Heat Exchanger Service at a Moment’s Notice

WCR is proud to have a massive network of field service professionals ready to spring into action — at your place or ours. With 21 trained field service teams at eight strategic service locations across the United States, we can reach any destination within eight hours to get your operations back up and running as soon as possible.

The Right Parts You Need, When You Need Them

We understand that when a heat exchanger needs unexpected repairs, you may not always have the spare plates or gaskets you need on hand. When you choose WCR for your service needs, you’re choosing a heat exchanger partner with the largest heat exchanger spare parts inventory in North America. Because we produce all our heat exchanger spare parts domestically, we can get the parts you need shipped and installed quickly.

Heat exchanger plates

Expert Help for Any Heat Exchanger Brand

Whether your business is in power, ethanol, agricultural processing, food and beverage, or any other industry that depends on heat exchangers, you can trust the experts at WCR to handle all your heat exchanger needs.

WCR responds to both proactive and reactive maintenance needs by offering the following tasks:

  • On-site installation of plate pack assemblies
  • Removal and return of service plate pack assemblies
  • Open, wash, close and inspection of existing units

Our highly-skilled service professionals have the cross-brand knowledge, training, and experience to handle all makes and models of heat exchangers. We use top-of-the-line tools and equipment, including hydraulic equipment and purpose-built spanner wrenches. Most importantly, all labor and parts are warrantied for one year, guaranteed to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

A Reputation for Quality and Safety

At WCR, we’re known for our commitment to quality and safety in the heat exchanger field. In fact, we pioneered the heat exchanger service industry over 40 years ago, and many of our processes have been adopted by other heat exchanger companies — even OEMs. Heath and safety are our top priority, and we have A+ ratings from leading safety organizations such as Avetta, ISnet, Appruv, First Verify, and many other leading safety organizations to prove it.

A+ Safety Ratings

No Time for Downtime? Contact WCR!

Whether you need emergency heat exchanger support or you’re getting ready to schedule planned maintenances services at your facility, turn to the heat exchanger experts at WCR.

Learn more about our heat exchanger service capabilities or contact us today for rapid service and support. Our experts are always standing by to make sure you get the help you need!