Heat Exchanger Industry Spotlight: Food & Beverage

From Wisconsin’s iconic dairy industry to the ever-growing number of craft breweries in the Midwest and hot sauce companies in Southern California, food and beverage processors across the country rely on highly-efficient heat exchangers to meet industry requirements and ensure their products are safe to package, store and consume.

At WCR, we’re proud to support the massive food and beverage market with heat exchangers and replacement spare parts that provide precise temperature control during pasteurization, sterilization, boiling, cooling, filling, packaging and other processes.

Industrial dairy production. View on the steel pipelines on the milk factory.
Industrial dairy production

Today, let’s take a closer look at how we help our partners in the food and beverage industry optimize production and stay competitive:

New Heat Exchanger Equipment for Competitive Industries

Backed by over 40 years of experience, WCR manufactures twelve standard sizes of heat exchangers as well as custom drop-in replacement heat exchangers for all major name brand models. Our new heat exchangers are available in over 200 designs, including options specifically for the needs of today’s food and beverage processors.

Heat exchanger lineup

The dairy segment, in particular, requires strict adherence to hygienic sanitation regulations during the pasteurization phase. WCR is proud to offer 3A new heat exchanger equipment available in one-inch to six-inch connections, made from high-quality bright annealed stainless steel frames for sanitary UHT/HTST pasteurization processes. All our heat exchanger solutions are designed to ensure quality, efficiency and dependability, helping food and beverage companies enhance productivity throughout the processing loop.

Quality Replacement Heat Exchanger Parts

Whether it’s dairy processing, beer brewing or condiment manufacturing, all types of food and beverage processors need reliable access to replacement heat exchanger parts to keep their businesses running smoothly. As the largest domestic manufacturer of replacement heat exchanger plates and gaskets, WCR provides replacement spare parts for all major heat exchanger makes and models. Our inventory includes over 200,000 heat exchanger plates and over 600,000 gaskets to keep downtime at a minimum for our valued customers.       

3A Logo

Because we are so committed to the highest quality requirements and sanitary standards for our partners in food, beverage and dairy, WCR holds a 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (SSI) Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RSPCQC) for our direct replacement heat exchanger plates and gaskets supporting a number of OEM models. Our selection of 3A-certified replacement heat exchanger spare parts includes clip-on heat exchanger gaskets, which have no adhesives to allow for ease of change in the field.

Heat exchanger plates

To view WCR’s 3-A certificate and the complete list of our 3-A certified heat exchanger replacement plates and gaskets, click here.

State-of-the-Art Heat Exchanger Service and Support

In the highly competitive and time-sensitive food and beverage industry, unplanned downtime can be extremely costly. That’s exactly why WCR provides 24-hour heat exchanger service and maintenance to meet the most urgent needs of our customers. Our expert field service technicians are always on call and available for on-site maintenance and emergency repairs of all makes and models of heat exchangers. 

Cleaning heat exchanger plates

WCR also offers best-in-class preventative maintenance and non-destructive testing methods to help our customers avoid potential issues during regulatory equipment inspections and ultimately extend the life of their heat exchanger units. We perform dye penetrative inspections on 100% of the heat exchanger plates that come in for service, ensuring that any plate leaks or defects are discovered early to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and other contamination concerns. This process ensures that sanitary heat exchanger units remain sanitary, saving downtime in the future.

WCR: Your Source for Food and Beverage Heat Exchanger Equipment

WCR is your destination for clean, safe and reliable heat exchangers, replacement parts and service for the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re looking for quality replacement heat exchanger plates or gaskets, maintenance for your current equipment or a brand new heat exchanger unit for a new process or facility, WCR’s heat exchanger experts will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs and goals.

Contact the heat exchanger experts at WCR to learn more and get started today!