Find the Right Fit with Custom Built-to-Order Heat Exchangers

At WCR, we pride ourselves on producing custom, quality heat exchangers to the exact specifications of our customers, helping them find the perfect fit for any application. Whether you need a new WCR heat exchanger or a direct replacement for another major line, we have a solution for you.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the leader in heat exchangers:

American-made Heat Exchangers

Plate-type heat exchangers are the equipment of choice for many industries due to their high-efficiency design and smaller footprint compared to other units of the same capacity. If you’re looking for new plate heat exchangers to fit your existing or newly constructed facility, turn to the experts at WCR. We eliminate the guesswork by working directly with our customers to find the most effective solution for their needs. All WCR-branded heat exchangers are produced domestically in our ASME-certified facility, allowing us to expedite the manufacturing and assembly process.

We offer a diverse array of standard plate heat exchangers ranging from 1–12-inch connections, with the ability to optimize units to fit your specific application. As a single source for all your heat exchanger needs, WCR simplifies the process so you can focus on what matters most: keeping your business productive!

Direct Drop-in Replacements for Major Heat Exchanger Lines

In addition to our standard line of WCR-branded heat exchanger products, we support direct heat exchanger replacements for any other major brand — even older and obsolete models. WCR offers over 200 different direct replacement designs varying from 1–20-inch ports, with the ability to match existing piping and foundation bolting locations. This smart solution allows you to retain your current heat exchanger design with a more modern frame assembly. It also means you can keep any spare inventory for a particular model, saving you time and money in the long run.

Built-to-Order Solutions for Unique Projects

Unique projects demand creative solutions. With over 40 years of experience building, installing, and servicing plate heat exchangers, WCR has seen it all! Whether you need a new WCR heat exchanger or a direct replacement for any other major line – even an obsolete one – WCR can custom-create heat exchanger units to fit your specific application, performance requirements, and material specifications. Our heat exchanger experts will work with you throughout the entire process to spec the build, provide you with an accurate quote, and manufacture your heat exchanger quickly to ensure minimal downtime. 

Get a No-Cost Custom Heat Exchanger Quote Today!

If you already know your project specifications, simply enter them into our Online Quotation Tool to receive a fast, free, and accurate quote. And, if you need assistance determining those specs and designing your unit, log into our easy-to-use Sizing Software to find the best fit for you.

WCR's heat exchanger sizing software tool
WCR’s Custom Heat Exchanger Sizing Software

Do you have a special project in mind and need a custom heat exchanger solution? Please contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions and make sure you get the help you need quickly.