Immersion Plate Coils: Simple Solutions for Heating and Cooling

WCR is widely known as an industry leader in plate heat exchanger manufacturing, replacement parts and service. But did you know we also offer WCR plate coils for immersion heating or cooling applications?

Immersion plate coils are a simple and cost-effective replacement for pipe coil-type heat exchangers, offering amplified turbulent flow on both the service and process sides. These efficient plate coils are frequently used within the steel and chemical markets, in applications where utilizing an external heat-exchanging source for heating or cooling may not be possible due to service convenience or spatial constraints.

The chemical industry, in particular, relies on stand-alone tanks to safely store, mix, process and transfer chemical media. When added to a tank, immersion plates use liquid, steam or refrigerants as the heating or cooling source to effectively keep chemical substances at a safe and stable temperature.

WCR’s product selection for immersion heating and cooling includes:

Immersion Plates

WCR’s immersion plates are available in a variety of different configurations and sizes, with options suitable for liquid, steam or refrigerant services. Our immersion plates are custom-manufactured using stainless steel or titanium as standard materials and feature robotic laser welding for precision quality and consistency. The “pillow plate” dimpled design adds more surface area to the plate, offering highly efficient heating or cooling while taking up minimal space in a tank.

Plate Banks

When a single immersion plate isn’t enough to meet the required thermal load for your application, choose WCR’s immersion plate banks. These fully-assembled plate bank units integrate multiple plates using a single inlet and outlet connect, making installation faster and easier than installing plates one by one.

These versatile plate banks can be configured in many arrangements, with customization available for:

  • Total plate count
  • Plate size
  • Plate thicknesses
  • Materials of construction
  • Header locations and connection types
  • Plate brace or mounting brackets
Immersion Plate Bank
Immersion Plate Bank

Clamp-on Jackets

Adding external heating or cooling to an existing plate or surface is easy with WCR’s clamp-on jackets. Available in curved or flat versions, clamp-on plate jackets can wrap around cylindrical vessels or against flat surfaces to maintain internal temperatures. Plus, special mounting hardware makes installation easy, with no on-site welding required.

Clamp-on Plate Jacket
Clamp-on Plate Jacket

Bayonet-style Plate Banks

If you have a large API pressure vessel or storage tank with a flange connection, you might consider a flange-mounted bayonet-style plate bank. These unique assemblies are designed to fit through the opening of the mounting flange and are commonly used in tank sump heating and cooling, suction heating for viscous product storage tanks, as well as general heating and cooling applications.

Bayonet-style Plate Bank
Bayonet-style Plate Bank

Ducted Plate Banks

A ducted plate bank provides a protected pathway for heat recovery applications, such as heat (energy) recovery from ventilation or the heating, cooling and drying of bulk solids. It can also be used for particulate cooling and drying. For example, chemical processing plants often need to isolate and condense hazardous gases before safely disposing.

WCR’s ducted plate banks can be installed into an existing ventilation system, and duct transition sections are available to connect the plate banks to round ductwork if needed.

Ducted Plate Bank
Ducted Plate Bank

Put Plate Coils to Work in Your Facility

With fully customizable assemblies and a wide variety of fitting arrangements and sizes, WCR’s immersion plates are a versatile, effective and easy-to-use solution for many simple heating and cooling needs.

Ready to learn more? View our spec sheets for immersion plates or contact our team for more information about building a custom immersion plate solution for your facility.